June 17, 2022 20:00

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# Game Jam

What is a game jam?

It is a jam session for games. More precisely it is a gathering of people for the purpose of planning, designing, and creating one or more games within a short span of time, usually ranging between 24 and 72 hours. As an attendee you meet with a group of people with the goal of making a finished game over a weekend. Hopefully learning something, meeting people and having fun along the way. The jamming is the point not really the game.

What is Level One Jam?

Level One Jam is a yearly game jam that takes place at ITU. Lvl.1 is inclusive and beginner friendly. We are an entry level jam that is ideal for anyone who has never attended a game jam before. Lvl.1 gives the game jam experience to beginner and expert alike. The event does not just consist of the jam. We also have talks and workshop during the weekend. Both for tech buffs and the less technical inclined. Click here to see Level One: Jam! from 2020.

In loving memory of Nis

Nis was one of the first volunteers of not just Level One Jam, but many organizations around ITU during his time as a student. He helped organize Global Game Jam before Level One Jam became a thing and helped organize and host almost all game development related events at ITU. As with any other events, that was something Nis was proud of. So proud in fact, that even despite the fact that Nis was no longer a student when we started Level One Jam, he still was one of the first people to sign up and help us out. That was something he continued until the end of his life. Nis was key in developing content for marketing and the website and his knowledge and insight was comforting for the newcomers when it came to understanding what the jam was all about:

Having fun while helping, learn from each other and be as inclusive as possible.

One of his great passions was enabling everyone to play games. We easily take for granted our ability to mash buttons at quick-time events or differentiate friends from foes in an online game. Nis cared a lot about accessibility and tools to allow everyone to play games they never otherwise could play. Hardware or even the smallest feature in software can have a huge impact for someone else. We at Level One Jam recommend the following sources such as Ian Hamilton and GAconf to learn more about accessibility in games.

Nis left an impact on us and the jam and we hope to make him proud of what we have accomplished. Despite a year of being spread apart, we want to continue and keep hosting Level One Jam. For everyone.

Thank you for everything.

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Level One Jam takes place at ITU, the IT University of Copenhagen. Which is located at Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 2300 København S, Danmark.

Public Transportation

The metro is not located far from the University. DR-Byen is the recommended metro-station to use. To find the best route from your location go to:

Info Desk

The info desk where you check-in can be found at the second floor located here.

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